Man and his daily toil
Man and his daily toil
Its a general phenomenon that every man are liable to work and cater for their responsibilities. Everyone who is on earth are liable to daily activities for living, by diverse choice of or available labor such as tailor, doctor, nurse, teacher, builder, technicians, Tiler, Accountant, geologist, surveyor, driver trader civil servants etc, which encompass the economy of the country.

Kudos to every man who cares on his responsibilities; paying his house rent, fees, food for family, settle bills, remembers his parent, part of his extended family and community engagements, while he pans for his future.
The population of the country is vast growing rapidly and the economy is declining; only those who are proximity to opportunity are chanced to make it. Even while working under a boss or as self-employed man, one needs to pounder and work on external businesses that can source  for more income to support ones survival.
The truth about Life is, our work is our life, our income, our money, our journey, and our treasure. When a man is diligent at his work he will stand in presence of personalities not only mere man.
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